FOUNDRY MEWS: did you know?

Tuesday 04 June 2019


Did you know?

To build Foundry Mews, all the construction materials had to be carried through an entranceway the equivalent width of a District Line train carriage, including: 


  • Soil to fill 40% of an Olympic size swimming pool 
  • Concrete to cover 20 tennis courts one-metre deep
  • Steel equivalent to the weight of 15 Land Rover Discoveries 
  • Numerous facing bricks to give every resident in Barnes five bricks each
  • Underneath the courtyard there is storm water storage to fill 112 bath tubs


 Two available office / studios ranging in size from 500 - 1,000 sq.ft.

Interested in finding out more information contact our Wandsworth Team - 0207 924 4476 


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